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Delta &  Honeywell


ESI and partner Delta Controls, have offered dependable and user-friendly building controls and energy management (EMS) solutions for commercial, government and industrial buildings, as well as K-12, universities, hospitals, airports, retail centers and more. Delta Controls offered the world's first fully integrated native BACnet building solution encompassing HVAC, lighting and building access products.





ESI and Honeywell have a long established relationship and provide a comprehensive array offerings, all of which are fully customizable to address your specific concerns and integration needs. A Honeywell system will consolidate your building systems into a single software and hardware solution which your facility team can understand and navigate easily and securely.




–     Energy View is an interactive dashboard that allows you to visualize energy performance and usage breakdowns.

  • Calendar and chart based heat maps show monthly or hourly energy performance compared to target or baseline

  • Usage breakdowns for areas to show how much each meter or sub-meter contributes over time

  • Automatically sums sub-meters

  • Optimized for use on tablets

–      Virtual Datapoints – Use virtual data points to assign an equation as meter data.  This equation can be the difference between other data points (meter subtraction), conversion from gas volume to energy, or any other simple relationship.

–      Datasets–Datasets are values that change infrequently overtime, and that may be used in a virtual datapoint equation.You enter datasets manually.   


ESI Delta Controls Projects:

  • Mills College

  • Ohlone College

  • Cupertino Union School District

  • Goodwill of Silicon Valley

  • Harvest Properties - Great America Towers

  • River Oaks Parkway Business Park

  • State of California Judicial Courthouses

ESI Honeywell/Tridium Projects:

  • BMC Software

  • City of San Jose

  • County of San Mateo

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Sullivan and Cromwell

  • UC Santa Cruz BioMed

  • UC Santa Cruz Baskin Engineering

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